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Our Methodology: Successful only when our client’s expectations are met.

Capital Tutor recognizes two main factors of Ontario’s education system and has developed a program to meet the demands of our students within this system. First, as modern society changes and evolves so do ministry curriculum expectations. Provincially, curriculum guidelines in both elementary and secondary education have experienced considerable transformations in the past two decades. Capital Tutor therefore ensures a program with tutors that are 100% in line and up to date with the current provincial standards.

Second, each individual has a unique and specific learning style as reported by Howard Gardner in his theory of Multiple Intelligences. It is therefore imperative to first and foremost assess these specifics within every student and gear lessons accordingly. This allows for a rich learning experience that guarantees results and creates a confident and successful learner.

Capital Tutor is successful only when the client’s expectations are met. With a focus on these two demands we have developed a methodology that includes 5 main steps. Our educational team works in line with teaching strategies that are proven successful!

Discover our methodology with a description of our 5 Step Program

Step 1:


Recognizing the specific needs of our students is always paired with determining a student’s strengths. Assessing the goals of a student is crucial in establishing a personal education plan. Assessing the strengths of a student is essential in determining the best way to approach a lesson.

Step 2:

Development of Personal Education Plan

Once the tutor acknowledges the student’s needs, goals, and strengths he/she will gear each lesson to cater to these details. For example, if a student thrives as a visual learner, the tutor will ensure that lessons incorporate aids such as graphs, charts, pictures…etc.

Step 3:

Explanation of Personal Education Plan

It is important that a learner understands the rationale behind his/her Personal Education Plan. Positive communication between the tutor and student is therefore an essential component to successful learning. When a student understands his/her personal strengths and weaknesses, he/she develops an awareness that undeniably helps acquire a positive attitude towards learning.

Step 4:


Personal tutoring allows for a rich one-on-one experience where students benefit from the individual attention. Once the student understands the plan of attack, the tutor will model several examples while clarifying and explaining the specific lesson.

Step 5:

Guided Practice

This final step is ongoing throughout the interactions between tutor and student. This learning step allows a tutor to gradually release responsibility to the student at an appropriate pace. This step also makes it possible for the tutor to recognize areas that continue to be difficult for the student and can readdress these problem areas before moving on.